After 2.5 days in Tsingtao, we bought a bus ticket for Yantai which is three hours North of Tsingtao.  Our plan was to spend the day in Yantai, and then take a ferry that night to Dalian.  Yantai literally translates to “smokey tower.”  This name came about during the Ming Dynasty because locals used large fires to warn the rest of the village when Japanese Pirates were approaching .

Downtown Yantai

As we got off the bus, Yantai looked very similar to the other Chinese cities that I had seen up to this point, a balance of large contemporary structures, spread out among older low-rise structures.  We decided to venture from the bus station to the ferry terminal to get our bearings, and after a quick walk, we found the terminal and still had almost eight hours to kill.  Seeing how Yantai was a coastal city, it sounded like a good idea to go to beach.  Once again we had a “scale-less” map and decided to try to walk to the public beach.  Similar to our experience in Tsingtao, after 45 minutes, we had barely made a dent in the distance to our destination.  Due to the fact that we had limited time, we got in a cab and headed to the beach.

Beach Looking East

Beach Looking West

The beach was located at the Northern tip of the city and took almost 25 minutes to get to by cab (I can’t imagine how long it would have taken us to walk there).  The two Spaniards wanted to go swimming; they got as far as putting their feet in the water until they had enough.  The water was freezing, which was a little surprising for the time of year and our location, but I am told that it doesn’t warm up until July.  With swimming out of the question, we began to explore and found a man with a few ATVs who would let us do a few laps on the beach for a reasonable price, so we decided to have a race, Spain vs. USA.

Race #1

Race #2

Race #3

Race #4

Race #5

USA 1 – Spain – 0

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